Grand Tower Energy Center, LLC

GTEC is located on 300 acres of land in Grand Tower, Illinois adjacent to the east bank of the Mississippi River and is a merchant facility, which sells energy and capacity into the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) system.

The GTEC Ash Basin is an “Inactive Ash Basin” and subject to Rule 257.100 as amended through June 2016.

2017 Weekly Inspections


In accordance with Rule 257.100(e)(4)(iii);  No later than April 18, 2017, initiate the inspections by a qualified person as set forth by § 257.83(a).

Weekly Inspections

Weekly inspections are performed by site personnel.  These inspections are specific to the ash basin and are in addition to other inspections conducted for various regulatory programs required at the facility.  Environmental Resource Management (ERM) Engineers provided general information and inspection guidance to the facility for the development of the inspection program.  Copies of the routine inspections are posted on a monthly basis and can be found by clicking on the links below.

20170602 Weekly Inspection

20170609 Weekly Inspection

20170614 Weekly Inspection

20170621 Weekly Inspection

20170628 Weekly Inspection

20170705 Weekly Inspection

20170713 Weekly Inspection

20170718 Weekly Inspection

20170725 Weekly Inspection

20170803 Weekly Inspection

20170811 Weekly Inspection

20170814 Weekly Inspection

11 2017 Operator Daily Log

12 2017 Operator Daily Log

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