Grand Tower Energy Center, LLC

GTEC is located on 300 acres of land in Grand Tower, Illinois adjacent to the east bank of the Mississippi River and is a merchant facility, which sells energy and capacity into the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) system.

The GTEC Ash Basin is an “Inactive Ash Basin” and subject to USEPA Rule 257 and ILEPA Rule 845, as applicable.

USEPA CCR Rule Compliance Data & Information

USEPA CFR 257.107


Illinois CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information

IL 845.240 and IL 845.800

This is a publicly accessible website for the Grand Tower Energy Center, LLC (GTEC) “Inactive Ash Basin” to provide information in accordance with Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) PART 257—CRITERIA FOR CLASSIFICATION OF SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL FACILITIES AND PRACTICES, and in accordance with Illinois Administrative Code Title 35, Part 845, Sections: 845.210 GENERAL PROVISIONS, 845.800 FACILITY OPERATING RECORED, and 845.810 PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE INTERNET SITE REQUIREMENTS.

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